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ROCalytics is a collaborative productivity management solution that manages your most important initiatives.

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Together & Faster

Getting people to collaborate on activities or initiatives is challenging. Presentations, tasks, status updates, meeting minutes, and other key communications are scattered in today’s workplace resulting in a loss of productivity. With ROCalytic’s collaborative solution, everyone can work with transparency and visibility so work gets done faster together!

Capture meeting results for success

  • ROCalytics is a disruptive solution that requires a complete re-evaluation of enterprise tools and processes resulting in substantial cost savings and productivity gains.
  • Its scheduling, analytics, and reporting engine, is a key driver of value to customers.
  • In a simplistic way, ROCalytics is for meetings like Outlook is for emails.

Everyone sees the full picture

Great execution relies on complete, accurate information. However, the information your team needs is spread across many systems. ROCalytics will ensure that all the information they need, when they need it, will always be available.

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